The Chair of Professor Vogt develops its research themes based on current questions related to the design of the landscape. The goal is to introduce the knowledge gained through research into one’s teaching and regularly to update this information. This is the follow up to the intention to strengthen the landscape architectural perspective in the practice of architects-to-be. The basis for this will be created in internal comprehensive teaching projects as well as in cooperation with other institutions.

At the centre of this practice-relevant fundamental work is the understanding of the contemporary urban landscape as active in formative space. Based on the notion of ‘common ground‘, the Chair of Professor Günther Vogt investigates the urban qualities of landscape spaces and their use as a public resource on different scales: from small inner city open spaces to large-scale landscape spaces, e.g. Switzerland or the Alps. Particularly in focus are new forms and types of landscapes that have emerged from the various use demands and require a new design strategy.

The second focal point of the content is on the development of a precise landscape architecture terminology and typology, as well as topic-specific methods. Beginning architects learn the tools to explain landscape architecture problems and acquire the language competence needed to participate in critical debates. For this, the Chair follows an interdisciplinary approach and integrates specialised knowledge, methodological approaches and strategies in the application of design tools and the mapping of processes from different disciplines: from spatial planning, geography and hydrology to sociology, art history and cultural history.