Un-common Venice. Contribution to the 13th International Architecture Biennale in Venice

As part of the 13th International Architecture Biennale in Venice entitled ‘Common Ground,’ the contribution of the Chair of Günther Vogt took the city itself and its public spaces, in the sense of an Allmende (common land), as its starting point. To determine the subjective perception of this local ‘resource’ and its rules or regulations in regard to its use in everyday life, interviews were conducted with locals and tourists in various public spaces in Venice.

The results of the interviews were translated into the language of the kiosk, where an alternative view of Venice, an ‘Un-common Venice’, was presented to passersby in the form of newspapers, postcards and other unusual kiosk articles. As the smallest building in the city, the kiosk is geared towards the widest possible public, thereby establishing a dialogue between the city and the Biennale by offering free admission to all – firmly anchored as and in Venice’ Common Ground.

Project Team: Günther Vogt, Rebecca Bornhauser, Nicola Eiffler, Thomas Kissling
Republic of Common Ground