Cabinet of Curiosities – Perceive, Collect, Organise, Translate, Visualise

The Cabinet of Curiosities of the Chair of Landscape Architecture, Günther Vogt, is a knowledge archive and a research tool for architecture students who are involved in landscape architecture. It comprises images, film excerpts and texts that are related to the themes, types, methods and design tools of landscape architecture. Prof. Vogt offers his thanks to the collectors who created, researched, catalogued and commented on the objects.

The spectrum of objects ranges from serviceberries, honeycomb bricks and aromatic plants to pinhole camera images, logbooks and density studies and on to camp chairs, backpacks and silk-scarf maps. A filter structure organises the disparate contents, collections of the Wunderkammer authors show the objects in different contexts, for example, ‘Stowe’ with a background of the English landscape park, or various examples of photographs in relation to the design potential of photography.

The navigation and linking systems allow the visitors to look for specific contents or to get lost in unspecified rummaging around. An additional function makes it possible to collect and print out your results to make a research booklet from them so you can apply them to your project.

The purpose of the Wunderkammer is to answer the students’ questions about the landscape and offer them quick access to design-relevant knowledge. Just as important as the communication of knowledge, however, is inspiration. The students should be excited to try out various methodological approaches, to experiment with design strategies and to use design tools in many different ways in order to create their own reference worlds and find their own expressive form.

Based on intellectual property rights, the Wunderkammer can only be accessed using the ETH-Login.


The project was supported by Innovedum.