Common Water – The Alps | Migrating Landscapes | Rolling Stones

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22nd May – 21st November 2021

With focus on three elements, water (project title: Common Water – The Alps), vegetation (project title: Migrating Landscapes), and stone (project title: Rolling Stones), the contributions by the Chair of Günther Vogt at ETH Zurich and VOGT Landscape Architects raise the issue of accelerated transformation processes of today’s landscapes with specific focus on the Alps as a result of the changing environmental conditions and addresses the question, what these changes mean for the coexistence of societies.

More on these three contributions

Preorder the Publication “Moving Borders – Changing Alpine Landscapes that documents the contributions at the Biennale and complets them with scientific essays, artistic works, and comprehensive photographs and maps taken during field trips to the Alps. To be published by Lars Müller Publishers in October 2021.