Tree Nurseries - Cultivating The Urban Jungle

Tree Nurseries - Cultivating the Urban Jungle

Exotic trees in England and a rainforest in Zurich, a seed bank on the arctic island of Spitsbergen and urban agriculture in Tanzania, trade in old trees in China and biodiversity in Senegal. Tree Nursery. Cultivating the Urban Jungle uses the example of plant production throughout the world to demonstrate the manifold relationships that exist between human beings and nature. Numerous essays and detailed accounts examine current phenomena like desertification in the Sahel, greening projects in Shanghai and the genesis of rooftop gardens in London. Travelogues from Europe, Africa and Asia consider the role played by a range of economic and historical factors in the significant influence that tree nurseries have come to exercise on urban planning and landscape architecture.

Dominique Ghiggi, Chair of Günther Vogt, Faculty of Architecture, ETH Zurich

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Tree Nurseries - Cultivating The Urban Jungle
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